Action, Paranormal, Romance

A Bargain in Silver by Josie Jaffrey

I really enjoy storylines that are very different and unique. So, right up front I’m going to let you know this one is about vampires. Usually vampires don’t hold my attention, what with all the blood drinking and stuff going on, but this is not the typical vampire tale. (Still drinking blood, just a little… Continue reading A Bargain in Silver by Josie Jaffrey

Horror, Paranormal, Review, Suspense

Survive at Midnight by Kayla Krantz

This is an amazing book to follow after the first two. Personally, I didn't read either, but I didn't need to. This is one book that gives you all the details you need to truly enjoy it. There was plenty of back story and the history was easy to follow. While I wish I had… Continue reading Survive at Midnight by Kayla Krantz

Paranormal, Review, Young Adult

Barking Madness by Ryan Hill

Beautiful senior Rosetta and her family have recently moved from Florida to a town called Ashwood. The high school is small, so she causes quite a stir; there aren't enough pretty girls to compete with her. What the boys don't realize, is that Rosetta is quite capable of seeking out handsome boys. The first day… Continue reading Barking Madness by Ryan Hill

Paranormal, Review, Suspense, Young Adult

Dead by Morning by Kayla Krantz

Luna is a high school student who doesn't fit in with her classmates. She has one friend, Violet, who has been her BFF since grade school. Then there is Chance, the most popular boy in school, who attracts girls like moths to a flame. His favorite activity is stalking Luna. While Luna cannot stand him,… Continue reading Dead by Morning by Kayla Krantz

Action, Paranormal, Review, Science Fiction

Beacon by Callaghan Grant

This is an enjoyable continuation of Erinn's story. It is an easier read since the first book has a lot of background information, the two books tie nicely together. She is continually surrounded by several lusty Vampyres and by this time she has become one herself, as Michael had intended. While she is still the… Continue reading Beacon by Callaghan Grant

Paranormal, Review, Romance

Born Sinner by S.L. Jennings

This book started out with a bang, that fizzled just a bit, and then picked up again about half-way through. It's definitely not hard-core romance, but has the feel of a romance novel. Only there is so much more going on. It begins with Eden, a broken, creepy girl who can tell people what to… Continue reading Born Sinner by S.L. Jennings

Mystery, Paranormal, Review, Young Adult

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things by Martina McAtee

Wow. This one is a supernatural marvel. Just about any type of supernatural being you can think of is in this book. It's incredible how the author keeps it all straight. One of the main characters says that he feels like he's living in a real life version of Scooby Doo and that describes this… Continue reading Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things by Martina McAtee