Erotica, Review, Romance

Crashed: Casper’s Ghost by Kerri Ann

This hard-core romance is a fast and addictive read. For the most part, I couldn't wait to find out what happens; it kept me on my toes. It has all the typical parts of a romance: a damaged alpha male, an independent heroine with a secret back story, some seriously hot sex scenes, and a… Continue reading Crashed: Casper’s Ghost by Kerri Ann

Erotica, Review, Romance

From the Mist by Alexa Dare

The Hidden Cove Trilogy is the story of three women vacationing together. Due to fog, they pull off to the side of the road. Their first mistake is getting out of the car and deciding to take even a few steps begins a life changing adventure. This is the first book and is about Megan. She… Continue reading From the Mist by Alexa Dare

Erotica, Review, Romance

Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor

I like books that have a lot of action, several characters to enrich the story, and some meaning that draws those people together, or perhaps, even apart. In this book, we just have Audrey and Chad. They met twelve years ago and she has always dreamed of a relationship with him. Chad, also, remembers how… Continue reading Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor