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The Last Storm by Jack Hunt

Alex Riley is a newly hired police officer who arrives in Whittier, Alaska, during the worst storm anyone has ever seen. His wife, Jess, and daughter, Hayley, are also relocated with Alex. With the temperature rapidly dropping, they quickly move some of their belongings into Begich Towers, a huge fourteen-story high-rise. They are just in… Continue reading The Last Storm by Jack Hunt

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk

Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Well, this is different. The Coilhunter, also known as Nox, is a bounty hunter, who lives and hunts in the Wild North. There is the wastelands, an empty stretch of land, or Rust Valley, where the sun is blotted out by towering scrapyard walls built of wrecked vehicles. Inside these walls live the clockwork constructs… Continue reading Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Action, Apocalyptic

The Dead Walk the Earth by Luke Duffy

Yes, I have another zombie review, although I don’t think the word “zombie” is mentioned. This is the story of a team of British military men who are unacknowledged by their government nor anyone else. While they are quite handy for off-the-books operations, that means they are on their own when the job goes wrong.… Continue reading The Dead Walk the Earth by Luke Duffy

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The Holtur Curse by Cameron Wayne Smith

What a fantastic story. The action never stops and there isn’t a dull moment. The good guy - or good woman in this case - is completely likeable without the author portraying her as perfect. As for the villains, I couldn’t help but think, “Will this guy ever die?!”, making for an engrossing read. Sonja… Continue reading The Holtur Curse by Cameron Wayne Smith

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Steampunk

Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western by Jonathan Fesmire

Yes, I’ve heard of steampunk and every time I wonder, “Just what does that mean?” So, I looked it up and I’m glad that I did. “Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology of aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century steam-powered machinery.” Thank you, Wikipedia. Armed with that knowledge,… Continue reading Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western by Jonathan Fesmire

Action, Dystopian

Carbon Run by J.G. Follansbee

Carbon Run is a mind-catching story. Set in a futuristic, dystopian society, the characters not only deal with poverty, but also an aggressive department of the government named the Bureau of Environmental Security. Usually referred to as the BES, their unlikable employees are often called the Bessies, and are arrogant, judgmental, and unrelenting people. Their… Continue reading Carbon Run by J.G. Follansbee

Action, Paranormal, Romance

A Bargain in Silver by Josie Jaffrey

I really enjoy storylines that are very different and unique. So, right up front I’m going to let you know this one is about vampires. Usually vampires don’t hold my attention, what with all the blood drinking and stuff going on, but this is not the typical vampire tale. (Still drinking blood, just a little… Continue reading A Bargain in Silver by Josie Jaffrey

Action, Apocalyptic

Dead Haven: A Zombie Novel by Flint Maxwell

Dead Haven is another zombie story, but there’s a little more to it than just killing dead guys who won’t stay down. It starts with Jack Jupiter, who hates his home town and growing up there had been the worst time of his life. Unfortunately, his mother dies and he is the only one to… Continue reading Dead Haven: A Zombie Novel by Flint Maxwell

Action, Science Fiction

The Eye of Hermes by William Howard

Yannick DcCullen is a blue and green Trionyx - seven-foot-two, spikes down his back and razor-sharp claws on paws and feet. Buddash Kyo is a Cranitian - skin cheddar-hued and large saucer-shaped eyes on either side of his oblong face. He has his own personal body armor - a scaled protective layer from the back… Continue reading The Eye of Hermes by William Howard

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Review

The Brothers Three by Layton Green

New Orleans, Louisiana Will works evenings at Medieval Nights, a joust-themed dinner theater. A few nights a week, to help his finances, he engages in staged battles with a group of fellow under-achieving twenty-somethings. To Will's disappointment, he knows this is as close to Middle Earth as he will ever get. His brother, Caleb, is a… Continue reading The Brothers Three by Layton Green

Action, Review, Romance, Suspense

Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket by F. Stone

October 2047. Eliza Ramsey is a paramedic, and although she has never been to the Republic of Islamic Provinces and Territories (RIPT), she is excited when she is asked to accompany a group of Americans traveling for Habitat for Humanity. At first, she doesn't feel comfortable waiting at Samarra's International Airport for the others to… Continue reading Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket by F. Stone

Action, Mystery, Review

Fatal Destiny by David Delee

Grace deHaviland is a bounty hunger and a very good one. Although, there seems to be a certain amount of chaos that happend to follow in her wake, which says something. This day, she is hot on the trail of Barry Keegan, an accountant for a pharmaceutical company. The CEO, CFO, and Keegan have been accused… Continue reading Fatal Destiny by David Delee