Masked Monsters & Kept Women

Jackie Wang


I know a man who once threw a meat cleaver at his sister and nearly split her skull open. He regularly beats and intimidates his wife of twenty-five years and cheats on her. He smokes and drinks excessively, gambles, and occasionally leers at young girls.

I am disgusted by the fact that I’m related to this man by blood.

This man almost strangled his own father to death once, belittles his own mother, and his notorious reputation precedes him everywhere he goes. He has very few friends, and is a diehard workaholic. He’s extremely emotionally volatile, probably has an undiagnosed mental condition, and his breath always reeks of stale cigarettes and booze. He owns a very profitable business, two gorgeous homes, is very well-off, and stands to inherit a lot of money. He wants for nothing, and he is the most selfish person I know. He manipulates everyone around him, and he is a villain.

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